The Turning Hour

turning_hour.mickleThe Turning Hour
Shelley Fraser Mickle

Now required reading in schools in Gainesville, Florida, The Turning Hour deals with teen suicide, suicide prevention, and it celebrates life with all of its beauty and pain. The novel grabs "your attention right at the beginning and never lets go. Mickle probes the heart, mind, and soul of each character so thoroughly, with such insight and compassion, the story seems real rather than fiction. The Turning Hour is a major literary accomplishment, a classic of attempted teen suicide, the motivations, and the repercussions this brings to others." – Patrick D. Smith, six-time nominee for the Nobel Prize for Literature, author of A Land RememberedAngel City, and Forever Island.

Modern classic about a teenager's recovery from attempted suicide.

ISBN: 0-913515-22-1


The Turning Hour Educator's Guide also available
ISBN: 1-57966-040-1



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