Second Sluthood

second_sluthood.saffireYou’ve never met a woman quite like Ruby Pearl Saffire . . . but if she has her way you’ll meet not only her but a veritable army of women all enjoying their Second Sluthood. Including, possibly, yourself (provided you have the Appropriate Plumbing).

“Maybe I am not at Death’s Door, but that does not excuse me to squander even a millisecond of the short eon remaining to me. And I sure as hell don’t intend to squander anything, any opportunity for delicious and nutritiously debauched behavior—ergo, I purposefully enter into my Second Sluthood!”

Ruby’s Manifesto encompasses her life’s journey, her rebirth, her advice, her verse, and her voice, a clarion call for Women of a Certain Age everywhere to embrace the usually ignored yet multitudinous possibilities of pleasure and satisfaction awaiting us all in Life Beyond Wasted Youth. “Arrival at your Menopausal Destination need not be the end of the line!” Behold her comic rants on family and fair-weather friends, her bawdy poetry in ode to her underwear, her screeds on hypocritical churchgoers, blunt-headed politicians, disingenuous professorial writer-types, and (you were expecting otherwise?) sex with a capital XXX.

“If you are offended by anything in this book, then you are in dire need of being offended!” —R.P.S.

"Part novel, part self-help tome, completely over-the-top brilliant (not to mention deliciously naughty). Ruby Pearl has a way with wordplay & no shame to speak of (those of delicate constitution may be sent running for their smelling salts)—her guide to living the good life for Ladies of a Certain Age will make you howl."

—Joshilyn Jackson, author of Gods in Alabama and The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

ISBN: 978-1-57966-085-7



A grateful native of Climax, GA, RUBY PEARL SAFFIRE survived a Bizarro family upbringing and a checkered past before settling into a twenty year marriage to a lying sack of crap, a man unto whom she has taken her Poison Pen—but with hearty humor. It is not known where exactly along the Alabama Gulf Coast Ruby lives, but it is rumored to be very near her dear friend Suzanne Hudson, author of the critically acclaimed novels In the Dark of the Moon and In a Temple of Trees.