The Space Between - Kali Van Baale
2006 Fred Bonnie Memorial Award for Best First Novel

ISBN 10: 1-57966-058-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-57966-058-8
Trade cloth
6 x 9
250 pp.

Valentine’s Day in Middle America. Judith Elliott fixes breakfast for her affluent suburban family. She kisses them all goodbye, tends to the house, makes plans for later with her husband. Then comes the news: her teenage son, Lucas, has taken a gun to school. He has killed two other students, a teacher, and himself.

Judith, an ordinary wife and mother, must suddenly grapple with extraordinary grief and horror. As reporters gather and lawsuits loom, society shuts out the surviving members of the Elliott family—including husband and father Peter, and daughter and sister Lindsey—who are as blindsided by the tragedy as anyone. Judith struggles to be the center of what remains of her family, but finds herself plagued by doubts and unanswerable questions that may eventually disrupt her life more completely than the initial tragedy.

Kali VanBaale’s Fred Bonnie Award-winning first novel examines the aftermath of this modern nightmare with clear-eyed dramatic precision. It will leave every reader wondering what does indeed lurk in the dark but unknowable spaces that exist even between the most loving of family members.

About Kali Van Baale

KALI VAN BAALE grew up on a dairy farm in rural Iowa. She is an alumnus of Upper Iowa University. The Space Between is her first novel. She lives on an acreage outside Des Moines with her husband and two children.

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