Like the nearby Alabama River that flows through the heart of the South, literature sustains us, transports us outside of ourselves, and brings us home. River City Publishing, a literary press located in Montgomery, Alabama, is dedicated to discovering the books that do just that.

COFFIN POINT: The Strange Cases of Ed McTeer, Witchdoctor Sheriff – by Baynard Woods

Ed McTeer was the sheriff of island-bound Beaufort County, South Carolina, for thirty-six years. The “Boy Sheriff” was only twenty-two when the governor appointed him to fill his dead father’s term in 1926; he held the office until being voted out in 1962. During that time, McTeer dealt with syndicate rum-runners, voodoo-inspired murderers, mannered Southern politicians, civil rights pioneers, and local root doctors—and in doing so became more than an ordinary lawman. >> Read more >>




DRUID CITY: Snapshots of Growing Up in the Segregated South – by David T. Warner (Featuring photographs by Chip Cooper )

David Warner takes readers on an impressionistic journey back in time, back to the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, of his childhood.

Nostalgic without being sentimental, these vignettes of growing up and losing innocence in a small town will provoke nods of agreement and understanding among readers of all ages. >> Read more >>



The Seasons Bear Us - Jeanie Thompson

From wandering the rivers and valleys of her upbringing to veering off the beaten paths in Italy, for her fourth collection of poems, award-winning poet Jeanie Thompson carries the meditations of her heart across the span of a year.

Returning to familiar subjects—love, motherhood, her elegiac Southern landscape, and the continuing search for a deeper connection “running with” her blood— Thompson’s poems bear lessons grounded in her favorite earth, rich with her most important people, and full of grace.




MY MOTHER’S CUBA – by Eva Skrande

In My Mother’s Cuba, the poet’s eye sees a world abundant, zooming in on mistrals, pomegranates, olive branches, violet bones, happy alligators, a child eating an apple in three bites. In taking stock, these images glorify the poet’s service to the miraculous, the loved, the unloved and the holy. Resurrecting the forsaken, Skrande deftly puts us in a world peaking and breathless, alternating beat after beat of beauty and imagination. >> Read more >>