DRUID CITY: Snapshots of Growing Up in the Segregated South – by David T. Warner (Featuring photographs by Chip Cooper )

ISBN: 978-1-57966-074-1
Trade Paper

Druid City is a wonderfully told story about coming of age in a South that is quickly fading from view. It jumps across the boundaries of race and class and time in a vivid narrative that grabs us and holds us and finally breaks our hearts.”

– Robert Plunket, author of My Search for Warren Harding and Walker Evans’ Florida

David Warner takes readers on an impressionistic journey back in time, back to the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, of his childhood.

Nostalgic without being sentimental, these vignettes of growing up and losing innocence in a small town will provoke nods of agreement and understanding among readers of all ages.

David Warner writes of vanished places in language sometimes poetic, sometimes as blunt as that of Harry Crews. Through the series of vignettes in Druid City, he shows us how ephemeral place and childhood really are, how memory is maybe the only thing that can make us whole, and that if we look back with honesty, perhaps we’ll be, like his main character, made stronger for it.

– Marlin Barton, author of A Broken Thing and Dancing by the River

Like the radial lines rippling outward from a stone dropped into water, so does every personal, specific moment radiate in time, to every person of every generation—such is Warner’s message. Though Chip Cooper’s specially commissioned photographs of Tuscaloosa, which punctuate the prose, were taken in the present day, they resonate with meaning outside of time. The marriage of these two elements results in a dynamic and very unique book experience.
Chip Cooper’s color photographs speak clearly of his own heritage. He bridges the gap between cracker shack and antebellum mansion, elite art and art of the common man. He claws deeper into the Southern soul and uncovers the complexities that lurk in us all.

– Nall, Alabama’s Distinguished Artist of the Year for 2007

About David Warner and Chip Cooper

DAVID WARNER has published numerous articles and short stories, and has been a contributing editor for Gulfshore Life and Sarasota Magazine. His other books include Vanishing Florida, Bimini, and High Sheriff Jim Turner. He is the writer/producer of two unusual travel videos, Bimini-by-the-Sea and Cowboys, Indians, and UFOs. When he isn’t traveling in search of the previously undiscovered, he makes his home in Lochloosa, Florida.

CHIP COOPER is the Director of Photography at the University of Alabama. His work has appeared in Horizon Magazine, Newsweek, USA Today, and Southern Accents, and has been collected in the books Common Threads and Silent in the Land. The recipient of numerous awards, Cooper resides in Tuscaloosa, AL.