Award Winners


Captain Tom and Franny

by Jennifer McGraw-Miceli

Winner of the Fred Bonnie Memorial Award


First Novel

Captain Tom and Franny, written by Jennifer McGraw-Miceli, is a tale of undying love and a tale of a family with secrets that wrench them apart and painfully bring them together again. You will sit on the beach and smell Tom’s pipe tobacco; you will feel him swimming beside you in the ocean; and you will cringe from his rages when he’s had too much to drink. You walk with Franny as she ages and lives with Alzheimer's, and you feel her confusion and love as she begins a journey back in time through her daughter’s eyes. The story will stay with you even after the last page is turned.

71PDq4DUlIL   ISBN:  978-1-57966-100-7


Recent Awards Breathing Out the Ghost
Kurt Curnutt



Colin St. Claire is on a dangerous mission. His young son is missing, and he is on a self-appointed quest to find the boy, or at least find the man he believes is responsible. Fueled by uppers and a profound lack of sleep, Colin’s road soon becomes an uncontrollable spiral of blurry white lines, of fleeting forms in the night, ghosts of memory as intangible as vapor . . . Assisting him is Robert Heim, a former private investigator who lost his license in the line of duty—and it is a sense of warped duty that still ties him to Colin, though his own family, a loving wife and children, beckons him back home . . . The answers for both men may lie not with the man they believe is the perpetrator, but with a long-suffering farmer’s wife, Beverly “Sis” Pruitt, whose own daughter was claimed by violence, years prior.

In the shape of a noir thriller, Curnutt fashions a gripping tale of the consequences of unchecked grief, of painful truths hidden as though they were dark secrets, and what salvation remains possible for good men who enter the darkness and become the ghosts they are chasing.

2008 Fiction of the Year Award, Indiana Center for the Book

ISBN: 978-1-57966-070-3



IPPY – Independent Publisher Book Award


The Space Between

Kali Van Baale

This is an important novel for parents and teenagers – for anyone who cares about what's happening in our schools and homes. After the recent horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, revisiting Van Baale's novel, The Space Between shows that healing can and will happen even though it is a long and painful process.

Valentine’s Day in Middle America. Judith Elliott fixes breakfast for her affluent suburban family. She kisses them all goodbye, tends to the house, makes plans for later with her husband. Then comes the news: her teenage son, Lucas, has taken a gun to school. He has killed two other students, a teacher, and himself.

Judith, an ordinary wife and mother, must suddenly grapple with extraordinary grief and horror. As reporters gather and lawsuits loom, society shuts out the surviving members of the Elliott family—including husband and father Peter, and daughter and sister Lindsey—who are as blindsided by the tragedy as anyone. Judith struggles to be the center of what remains of her family, but finds herself plagued by doubts and unanswerable questions that may eventually disrupt her life more completely than the initial tragedy.

Kali VanBaale’s Fred Bonnie Award-winning first novel examines the aftermath of this modern nightmare with clear-eyed dramatic precision. It will leave every reader wondering what does indeed lurk in the dark but unknowable spaces that exist even between the most loving of family members.

2007 IPPY Silver Certificate for General Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-57966-058-8



Outbound: the Curious Secession of Latter-Day Charleston
Charlie Geer

2006 IPPY WINNER Best Regional Fiction: South-East



William Hoffman

With lyrical, impressionistic grace, Hoffman renders the life story of Wayland Garnett, a man who has cloaked his past—one tainted by poverty and shame and dishonor—with redolent lies.

2006 IPPY FINALIST – General Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-57966-063-5



Judas Burning

Carolyn Haines

A tale of intrigue and suspense that exposes the darkest secrets of a small Southern town.

2006 IPPY Honorable Mention – Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

ISBN: 978-1-57966-061-1


man_under_my_skin.gray The Man Under My Skin
Juliana Gray  



Among these pages, readers will encounter Civil Rights activists, an aviary of symbolic birds, a panty thief, a vengeful skeleton, and a sensual vision of heaven.

2006 IPPY Honorable Mention – Poetry

ISBN: 978-1-57966-067-3


The Life and Art of Jimmy Lee Sudduth

Susan Mitchell

Jimmy Lee Sudduth is one of the elder statesmen of Black folk art in America. A self-taught artist who has lived and worked in Fayette, Alabama, for most of his life, he is comfortably integrated into his West Alabama community. As he once said, "I’m easy to find. I’m in the center of the universe." Sudduth is a gifted painter with remarkable formal skill. He has painted continuously and ecstatically since he was a child, and at ninety-five, he paints that way still. The best of his work reveals an exceptional visual talent coupled with an incomparable delight in the marvelous physical world around him. Jimmy Lee Sudduth is the story of Sudduth’s life and art, with color reproductions of some fifty of his finest paintings. An essay by Susan Mitchell Crawley, associate curator of folk art at the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, describes the artist’s subjects, materials, and techniques and captures the essence of his infinite creativity. 

Susan Mitchell Crawley, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

2006 IPPY Honorable Mention – 
Regional Non-Fiction



Love of the Spirits

Stephen March

Debut collection of stories that feature people in moments of crisis and transition, who make their journeys with subtle, often comic, grace.

2005 IPPY WINNER – Short Story Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-57966-057-4



Ready to Eat the Sky

Kevin Pilkington

Award-winning poet's book is the fourth volume of the River City Poetry Series.

2005 IPPY Honorable Mention – Poetry

ISBN: 978-1-57966-014-7



Speaks the Nightbird

Robert McCammon

New York Times bestselling author's critically acclaimed historical mystery set in colonial South Carolina.

2003 IPPY WINNER – Historical Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-880216-62-0





















Cloud Cuckoo Land

Lisa Borders

Young female street musician's search for a home, both real and spiritual.

2003 IPPY FINALIST – General Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-57966-030-7




Shawn Sturgeon

The first book in our River City Poetry Series.

2003 IPPY FINALIST – Poetry

ISBN: 978-1-880216-56-9


ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year



Sidney Thompson

Sideshow features characters born from the rich, schizophrenic melting pot of the modern South, where urban and rural, educated and uneducated, privileged and poor, and white and black mix with surprising outcomes.

A sheetrock hanger copes with the loss of his hunting dogs, as well as his recent inability to kill, by adopting a poodle with heartworms to put down himself; an airbrush artist learns to counterfeit twenty-dollar bills to prove to his estranged wife that he is a genuine artist; a teenage boy becomes a peeping tom in order to discover the true reasons for his parents' divorce; a father takes his son with him to murder their next-door neighbor as a classical lesson of logic and revenge; a manager of an apartment complex is caught in a love triangle with a beautiful new tenant and her bedridden seven hundred pound husband, whose weight is matched only by his intellect.

This collection displays a menagerie of everyday misfits who serve as a reminder of human fragility and how freakish we can all become when our lives lack love or truth, or we suddenly discover it.

2007 Silver Award – Short Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-57966-068-0



Judas Burning

Carolyn Haines

A tale of intrigue and suspense that exposes the darkest secrets of a small Southern town.

2006 Silver Award – Mystery

ISBN: 978-1-57966-061-1



Course of the Waterman

Nancy Taylor Robson

Coming-of-age story of boy who wants to be a waterman on the Chesapeake, like his father, grandfather, and generations before him.

2004 Bronze – Literary Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-57966-052-9



Speaks the Nightbird

Robert McCammon

New York Times bestselling author's critically acclaimed historical mystery set in colonial South Carolina.

2002 Bronze – Historical Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-880216-62-0


Other Awards


A Kudzu Christmas

Edited by Jim Gilbert and Gail Waller

"Welcome to Monroe" by Daniel Wallace

FINALIST – 2006 Edgar Award for Short Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-57966-064-2



Alabama Art by Nall

Mary Ellen Lopresti Award for Excellence in Art Publishing
17th annual award for materials published in 2000
issued by the Art Libraries Society of North America – Southeast Chapter

Cover Art: $35.00