About River City Publishing

Like the nearby Alabama River that flows through the heart of the South, great stories sustain us, transport us outside of ourselves, and bring us home. River City Publishing is dedicated to discovering the books that do just that. —Carolyn Newman, Publisher

Based in Montgomery, Alabama, River City Publishing is dedicated to delivering the best contemporary Southern writing—from noir thrillers to surreal comedy; from trailblazing social histories to eclectic short fiction—into the hands of discerning readers, wherever they may be.

River City’s stable of wordsmiths includes both seasoned veterans (Robert McCammon, Carolyn Haines, William Hoffman, George Singleton, Kirk Curnutt, Juliana Gray, Joe Formichella) and first-time authors. All are unique, but for one unifying characteristic: bold, brash,  transcendent storytelling ability.

Our award-winning titles include:

Speaks the Nightbird by Robert McCammon
Outbound: the Curious Secession of Latter-Day Charleston by Charlie Geer
Lies by William Hoffman
Judas Burning by Carolyn Haines
The Man Under My Skin by Juliana Gray
The Life and Art of Jimmy Lee Sudduth by Susan Mitchell Crawley
Love to the Spirits by Stephen March
Sideshow by Sidney Thompson
The Space Between by Kali VanBaale
Course of the Waterman by Nancy Taylor Robson, Foreward Award
Alabama Art by Nall 
Breathing Out the Ghost by Kirk Curnutt, Indiana Center for the Book Fiction of the Year